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Hydra Pet Spa Senses Care Shampoo 1 L

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Give your four-legged friends a fantastic wellness experience with the revolutionary Hydra Pet Spa Senses Care range, a professional product line designed to be purchased as a set, providing the coat with all the essential nutrients it needs to stay beautiful, hydrated and healthy. Thanks to the 5 carefully selected products, the hair will feel soft and look healthier.

Intense shine and softness

Everyone deserves excellent hair care, including our pets. The nature-inspired Hydra Pet Spa Senses Care Shampoo is perfect for people with show dogs, for breeders and groomers who want to offer great, professional products to their customers.

The cotton extract in this shampoo provides deep hydration and intense softness. Plus, the lipoprotein-based formula also nourishes and repairs the hair.

It’s all in the details

  • Shampoo with cotton extract that provides deep hydration and softness
  • Contains a lipoprotein complex that also moisturises and repairs the coat
  • Dries quickly and easy to rinse out
  • Concentrated formula
  • Dilution ratio: 1:4
  • For professional use on dogs and cats
  • Content: 1 l
  • Within the Hydra Pet Spa Senses range, you have the choice of 3 different lines rich in oils and lipoproteins: SERENITY (apricot extract), BLISS (coconut water extract) and CARE (cotton extract).

Use instructions

External use. Suitable for dogs and cats.

First, wet the coat. Dilute the shampoo with water in a bottle by adding 1 part shampoo and 4 parts water. Shake the bottle to mix well. Next, massage the shampoo into the coat by rubbing firmly all over and while applying firm pressure using your hands or a sponge. This will distribute the shampoo well and create a uniform lather that will cleanse the coat and the skin as well. After you have washed the coat thoroughly, it is time to rinse.

Is the animal’s coat very dirty? Then we recommend pre-washing the coat with the Hydra Odor Neutralising Shampoo. For a better result, it is recommended to use the Care Conditioner in combination with the Hydra Pet Spa Senses Care Moisturising Booster. For the perfect finishing touch, spray some Pet Spa Senses Care Forever Cologne on the coat.