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Show Tech+ Colour-IT Powder White

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This pigment rich, colouring powder is available in 9 natural colours to match and enhance any dog’s coat. Presented in an easy-to-use dispenser with a unique sifting system, the powder allows you to add colour evenly and easily. Different colours may be combined to achieve the perfect colour match. 

Does your dog have bald patches or body parts where the hair is much thinner e.g., after hand stripping? This amazing powder is ideal to cover or conceal these spots.  

Or maybe your four-legged star had a pee just before entering the show ring, leaving unsightly spots on his hind legs? No need to panic. Thanks to the unique and natural colour of the Colour-IT, getting rid of imperfections and discolourations is easy-peasy. 

What’s more, this fantastic colouring powder, which is made in-house, also absorbs excess sebum and oils from the coat. With the Colour-IT, you will be able to create a beautiful coat with deep and natural colours. 

Use instructions 

The Show Tech + Colour-IT Powder is very easy to apply. It is important to use the powder on dry and clean coats.  

Kitty’s tip: First, take a tiny bit (hazelnut-sized amount) of chalk helper, put it in your hands, rub them together and massage it into the dog’s coat. The chalk helper will stick to the coat and will in turn ensure that the powder sticks well to the coat. Then, shake the container and dip a powder brush in the sifter part. Apply the powder evenly on the coat with the help of the powder brush. To fix or seal the colour, spray lightly with the Show Tech Evolution Spray.  

Store in a dry place.