Handlekurven er tom


Star Line No Rinse Express (Colorless) 473 ml


Dette er en utblandet versjon av No Rinse-sjampoen. Flasken har målestreker, slik at du kan fylle på og blande ut din egen når innholdet er tomt. 


Innhold: 473 ml

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Pure Paws

Pure Paws

Pure Paws Inc. is dedicated in providing the most innovative products; to give optimum results for your best friend. Only the best ingredients are utilized to get the best results possible. The shampoos and conditioners are formulated to provide results that new users will see immediately and with long term use, the user will be rewarded with a healthy amazing looking coat and easier faster grooming times.


Pure Paws’ goal is to help everyone, from the beginner to the professional, achieve success in getting a “Best in Show” coat. Grooming videos for “show grooming” to “pet grooming” have been developed to educate everyone about what products to use and best techniques to achieve success.


Since the founding of Pure Paws Inc in 2000, the Pure Paws line has increased with the help of many handlers and breeders. Pure Paws would like to thank everyone who has helped make Pure Paws a success all over the world. Pure Paws promises to continue researching and developing new products to help everyone achieve the most amazing results.


Remember:  Best Ingredients = Best Results


*We hope you will find this website helpful in getting the most amazing results in your grooming.  We know that weather you have a "show dog", pet or are a professional groomer, you want the best results with the ease of quick grooming.  Pure Paws has spent years in helping you achieve quick and easy grooming with amazing results.  We are constantly researching and changing when newer better methods and ingredients are found.  Discover the difference with Pure Paws.